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A zero-calo­rie, high qual­ity sweet­ener, su­cralose is made from sugar and tastes like sugar. It is ap­prox­i­mately 600 times sweeter than sugar. Su­cralose has ex­cel­lent heat sta­bil­ity and is easy to in­cor­po­rate into ev­ery­day recipes as a ver­sa­tile ac­com­pa­ni­ment to en­hance flavour­ings

Although su­cralose is made from sugar, the body does not recog­nise it as sugar as a car­bo­hy­drate. It is not metabolised by the body for energy, so it is calo­riefree and has no ef­fect on blood glu­cose con­trol or in­sulin re­sponse. Buy: Equal Gold, S$5.95 (box 50 sa­chets). Avail­able at lead­ing su­per­mar­kets and re­tail­ers.

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