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Al­though it looks sim­i­lar to sweet potato, yam and sweet potato are not re­lated at all. Fea­tur­ing a cylin­dri­cal shape with black­ish or brown, bark-like skin and white, pur­ple or red­dish flesh, yams are starchier and drier than sweet pota­toes. While there are over 600 species of yam avail­able all over the world, only a few of them are con­sid­ered ed­i­ble. Yam can be cooked, fried, boiled, roasted or pounded be­fore eat­ing. Yam should not be eaten raw due to its acrid na­ture – the tu­bers contain toxic sub­stances that can ir­ri­tate and in­flame the throat and buc­cal cav­ity if con­sumed raw. It is a rich source of car­bo­hy­drate, di­etary fiber, vi­ta­min C and B6.

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