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B: In mar­ket­ing you need to have a USP (Unique Selling Propo­si­tion). As a hair­dresser, you need to find your USP – some peo­ple are very good at cut­ting hair, some are very good in styling and some in colour­ing, so there's al­ways this broad spec­trum. A lot of peo­ple try to be good in ev­ery­thing but that is not nec­es­sary. You just have to be good in one thing and then you have to work on it to be bet­ter in it than any­body else. And for all the other things you're medi­ocre in, you get peo­ple in your team to cover that and through that, you will be­come a very suc­cess­ful sa­lon even­tu­ally be­cause you have all the dif­fer­ent fields and spec­trums cov­ered.

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