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In­vig­o­rate stressed-out locks with this deep cleans­ing hair care range de­signed to im­part shine and soft­ness, while cater­ing to all hair needs. Ac­tive ex­tracts like Black Cumin Oil, Neem Oil, Zinc Piri­ton, and Piroc­tone Olamine help to re­tain mois­ture, while elim­i­nat­ing tox­ins and im­pu­ri­ties from the scalp and hair. Sooth­ing and detox­ing, NOOK Dif­fer­ence Pu­ri­fy­ing Hair Care tar­gets greasy and dan­druff-prone scalp by de­liv­er­ing dermo-pu­ri­fy­ing, an­tibac­te­rial, and anti-my­cotic ac­tions to re­duce ex­cess se­bum and calm in­flam­ma­tions.

深层清洁护理系列能够激活干枯的发梢,增加光泽和柔软度,同时满足头发所有的需求。其含有的的活性提取物如:黑孜然油、印楝油、锌扑尔敏和吡罗克酮有助于保持水分,同时清除头皮和头发中的毒素及杂质,达到舒缓和排毒的效果。针对油腻的头皮和头皮屑,NOOK Dif­fer­ence Pu­ri­fy­ing Hair Care通过净化及抗真菌来减少多余的皮脂,并舒缓炎症。

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