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En­gi­neered to tar­get all your hair's needs for en­hanced re­silience, vi­brancy, and man­age­abil­ity, NOOK Dif­fer­ence En­er­giz­ing Hair Care stim­u­lates hair cu­ti­cles and safe­guards it against en­vi­ron­men­tal ag­gres­sors. Fea­tur­ing an ac­tive com­bi­na­tion of Vi­talHair®and Honey Matte®, it pre­vents and coun­ters dif­fer­ent types of Alope­cia – both sea­sonal de­flu­vium and an­dro­ge­netic – and to strengthen brit­tle and thin­ning hair struc­tures. The re­sult? Weight­lessly ra­di­ant tresses that are re­silient against fu­ture dam­age and break­age.

NOOK Dif­fer­ence En­er­giz­ing Hair Care满足头发所有的需求,增加弹性,活力和可管理性,刺激头发的角质层,避免伤害。其中含有的Vi­talHair 及 Honey Mat­te可有效防止不同类型的脱发-无论是季节性脱发或雄性激素所造成的秃发-同时使脆弱纤细的发丝和结构更为坚韧。使用后?富有光泽的飘逸秀发能够无惧未来的任何损害。

Dis­trib­uted by: Mir­a­cle Touch Mar­ket­ing Pte Ltd

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