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Pow­ered by an ad­vanced blend of botan­i­cals and molec­u­lar science, the all-en­com­pass­ing Bi­o­lage Ad­vanced range from Ma­trix is spe­cially de­signed to strengthen hair that is re­peat­edly ex­posed to sources of me­chan­i­cal, en­vi­ron­men­tal and chem­i­cal dam­age. In­clu­sive of the Bi­o­lage Ad­vanced FIBERSTRONG and Bi­o­lage Ad­vanced REPAIRINSIDE se­ries, it ef­fec­tively re­con­structs hair from the in­side to add long-last­ing re­siliency and re­store shine. For­mu­lated with nat­u­ral ex­tracts, the paraben-free and low pH for­mu­las in­stantly re­pairs cu­ti­cle dam­age and re­struc­tures hair from the in­side out.

以先进的技术融合植物学与分子科学,无所不包的Ma­trix Bi­o­lage Ad­vanced­nced Range是专门设计于坚韧头发,特别针对那些反复暴露于机械,环境和化学损伤的头发。本产品包括Bi­o­lage Ad­vanced FIBERSTRONG(强韧纤维)和Bi­o­lage Ad­vanced REPAIRINSIDE(内部修复)系列,它有效的从内部重建头发,同时添加持久的弹性,重赋光泽。含天然提取物,不含防腐剂和低氢离子配方能瞬间修复毛鳞损伤,并由内而外地重组您的秀发。

Dis­trib­uted By: L'Oreal Sin­ga­pore

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