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A three-step treat­ment for straight­en­ing and perming, FORD Wa­ter Ma­trix is highly ben­e­fi­cial in boost­ing hy­dra­tion and shine to dull, lack­lus­ter locks and has proved its long-last­ing ef­fi­ciency since 2002. CV-First is in­fused with Ker­atin and Col­la­gen pro­tein as well as Tre­halose to re­plen­ish es­sen­tial nour­ish­ment and en­hance mois­ture re­ten­tion. Boosted with Silk pro­teins and Jo­joba oil, CVSe­cond pen­e­trates deep into hair fol­li­cles and locks in the pro­teins. The treat­ment is then com­pleted by CV-Third and CV-Wash, which are for­ti­fied by the ben­e­fits of mixed veg­etable ex­tracts, leav­ing hair silky smooth and re­ju­ve­nated.

针对拉直与烫发损伤的三步修复。自2002年来,FORD Wa­ter Ma­trix向顾客证明了其强效的保湿功能,不仅为头发带来亮丽光泽,而且长效持久。CV-First含有角蛋白,胶原蛋白以及海藻糖,为头发补充必需的营养,增强保湿。CV-Se­cond以丝蛋白、霍霍巴油来渗入在蛋白质中的发囊与发丝。最后通过CV-Third和CV-Wash来收尾,由植物提取物混合而成,使头发如丝般顺滑,焕发青春。

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