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Ideal for in­di­vid­u­als with sen­si­tive skin, the Vi­tal­ity's Espresso Colour Revitaliser fea­tures an ul­tra-gen­tle, am­mo­nia and bleach-free for­mula to re­vi­talise hair colour in just 3 min­utes. De­signed for dyed hair, it re­vives ex­ist­ing colour with­out af­fect­ing the roots to im­prove the shine and nour­ish dull, por­ous hair. Avail­able in 9 shades, the Espresso Colour Revitaliser is for­mu­lated with Ker­avit, a molec­u­lar-based veg­etable-com­plex, to boost ker­atin lev­els and im­part ex­tra­or­di­nary shine. It also pro­tects cu­ti­cles from abra­sion by seal­ing and com­pact­ing the hair, thus de­liv­er­ing soft and vi­brant tresses.

适用于皮肤敏感,Vi­tal­ity’s Espresso Colour Re­vi­talis­er具有超温和,含氨的,无漂白剂配方,使发色在3分钟内复原。专为染过的头发设计,它能复原现有的颜色,而不影响发根,增强光泽度和滋润枯燥、受损的秀发。拥有9色调,Espresso Colour Re­vi­talis­er以Ker­av­it配置,一种以分子为主的青菜复合物,以提高各级角质并赋予头发非凡的光泽。它还通过密封和压实头发来避免头皮擦伤,从而使秀发柔软并充满活力。

Dis­trib­uted By: Paragon Traders

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