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From Mois­tur­iz­ing Primer for dry hair, Bounc­ing Primer for thin hair and Smooth­ing Primer for stiff hair, the Pre Hair Styling se­ries tar­get the hair's con­di­tion and best pre­pare it for styling. The Base Hair Styling Stage­works se­ries gives ev­ery stylist the free­dom to play with airy feel styles while ac­cen­tu­at­ing it with a light, airy bounce. Its in­gre­di­ents helps to pre­vent hair from be­com­ing dry while keep­ing the style in place even in hot, hu­mid weather con­di­tions. The ul­ti­mate fin­ish­ing touch to any style, Fin­ish Hair Styling range from Shi­seido Pro­fes­sional Stage Works styling se­ries fixes any style in place and gives hair a lus­trous look for a fin­ish that is pure per­fec­tion.

用于干枯头发的保湿隔离水,用于细发的蓬松隔离水和用于硬发的柔顺打底露,美发前护理系列针对头发的状况,并使头发对造型设计做好准备。基础美发系列给予每个设计师玩弄飘逸范的自由,同时加强头发的轻柔与弹性。其内含的的成分,能有效地防止头发干燥,而即使在炎热,潮湿的天气条件下依然保持造型。最后,可用于任何风格的点睛之笔,Shi­seido Pro­fes­sional Stage­works Range 的美发后护理系列能固定您的头发造型,使头发华丽有光泽,为您的头发造型画上一个完美的句号。

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