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Utiliz­ing bio-energy and ul­tra-pulse laser ra­di­a­tion, the ad­vanced Laser Hair Growth Ma­chine launches gen­tle yet highly ef­fec­tive laser lights onto af­fected ar­eas of hair loss to im­prove hair growth. Aid­ing in scalp mi­cro­cir­cu­la­tion and ac­ti­va­tion of hair fol­li­cle cells, it helps to in­crease melanin to re­duce grey­ing hair as well as thin­ning and hair loss is­sues.

利用生物能源和超脉冲激光辐射,先进的Laser Hair GrowtGrowth Ma­chine(激光生发机)使用温和但强效的激光照射头皮受损区域,帮助头皮微循环、活化毛囊细胞、促进头发生长。同时,它也能够增加黑色素,减少白发的生成、脱发,并使您的秀发更加坚韧。

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