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In­fused with cer­ti­fied or­ganic Ju­niper fruit ex­tract, the SCREEN Healthy Scalp Se­ries fea­tures a pool of es­sen­tial vi­ta­mins, amino acids, and min­er­als, which helps to pro­mote the growth of healthy and strong hair. In­clu­sive of the Anti-Hair­loss Ad­ju­vant En­er­giz­ing Sham­poo and Lo­tion am­poules, the paraben and SLES-free hair care range gen­tly cleanses and re­stores vi­tal­ity to hair, thus pro­long­ing its life cy­cle. Im­part­ing in­ten­sive nour­ish­ment to the scalp and hair, it im­proves blood cir­cu­la­tion and re­duces scalp in­flam­ma­tion for re­vi­tal­ized tresses.

注入认证级瞻博果提取物,SCREEN Healthy Scalp Series富含秀发所需的维生素、氨基酸及矿物质,有助于促进头发健康并使其更加坚韧。系列中含有的防脱发佐剂活力洗发水及安瓿乳液不含任何SLES及苯,能够温和并有效清洁秀发,使其再现活力,赠长秀发寿命。同时提供头皮及头发丰富的营养,改善血液循环、减少头皮炎症、使其重注活力。

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