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For cen­turies, vil­lage women and im­pe­rial princesses in the East have used fer­mented rice wa­ter to wash and rinse their hair; main­tain­ing their crown­ing glory. It helps the hair to re­sist grey­ing and thin­ning un­til they reach the ripe age of 80 as it is high in an­tiox­i­dants, min­er­als, vi­ta­min E, and traces of pit­era, a sub­stance pro­duced dur­ing the fer­men­ta­tion process. Fer­mented rice wa­ter brings more than just shine to their hair. It leaves the hair soft, strong, and healthy as it im­proves hair elas­tic­ity and pre­vents dam­age. Where: An­cient China

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