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It is the ul­ti­mate sus­tain­able prod­uct that is non-toxic, its con­tents have a longer shelf life, and re­search has shown that peo­ple like the aes­thet­ics of how their prod­ucts look like pack­aged in glass. • Chem­i­cally in­ert • Doesn't de­grade • En­vi­ron­men­tally-friendly • Im­per­me­able & Non-por­ous • Longer shelf life • Non-toxic • Re­cy­clable in­def­i­nitely with­out loss of qual­ity This means glass not only will not leach into the prod­uct it con­tains, but it also guards the prod­uct con­tent and in­gre­di­ents from mois­ture and oxy­gen. This will re­sult in pure prod­ucts that are fresher and have a long shelf life.

How­ever, only the right type of glass will work. Light in­fil­tra­tion through clear glasses can break down pho­to­sen­si­tive com­pounds such as es­sen­tial oils, botan­i­cals, some veg­etable oils, and other frail but­ters and oils of­ten used in beauty prod­ucts. Like beer and wine, there's a good rea­son why these prod­ucts are pack­aged in dark glasses. Dark glasses pre­serve the nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents in the prod­uct bet­ter! Plas­tic pack­ag­ing for in­stance, has been a long time favourite for prod­uct com­pa­nies to use due to its low cost pro­duc­tion and ship­ment, and seem­ingly bet­ter aes­thet­ics es­pe­cially for softer tube pack­ag­ing. How­ever, plas­tic may not be so fan­tas­tic – it can re­lease harm­ful com­pounds and ab­sorb cer­tain in­gre­di­ents of the prod­ucts.

There's been a sig­nif­i­cant amount of re­search into the safety of con­sumer prod­uct con­tain­ers. Most of it has fo­cused on a com­pound called Bisphe­nol A, or BPA. The prob­lem with plas­tic is that it can leach BPA into the prod­ucts it con­tains, re­sult­ing in an adul­ter­ated prod­uct that may be detri­men­tal to our health. Re­search has also shown that BPA can be ab­sorbed through the skin, mean­ing that hair and beauty prod­ucts pack­aged in plas­tic can junk up your sys­tem with BPA.

If that isn't enough, plas­tic can also ab­sorb and po­ten­tially cor­rupt non­po­lar in­gre­di­ents such as es­sen­tial oils, which are of­ten found in beauty prod­ucts. This means that beauty projects sold in plas­tic con­tain­ers may be cor­rupted.

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