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A light­weight lo­tion for­mu­lated to de­liver pre­ven­tive ac­tion and care for frag­ile and thin­ning hair, the Cutinol Lo­tion fea­tures a pool of nano-mol­e­cules com­posed of Vi­ta­min E, F, P, B5, Sor­bitol, Col­la­gen and Glyc­erin, to en­hance vol­ume and boost elas­tic­ity. It re­stores hair from deep within, giv­ing it a healthy look and re­newed vigor.

预防脱发系列Cuti­nol Lo­tion配制用于预防,照顾脆弱和防止脱发作用。纳米分子的维生素E,F,P,B5组成,山梨醇和甘油,具有加强作用,而胶原蛋白,给予头发结构组织蛋白质,提高发积和弹性给人一种健康的外观和新的活力。

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