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The best grade for di­a­monds, ac­cord­ing to JannPaul, be­gins with D, fol­lowed by E, F, G, and all the way to Z. A D-grade stone is flaw­less, clear and colour­less. As you go down the grades, less valu­able ones have an ob­vi­ous hint of yel­low, which is not the same as in fancy yel­low di­a­monds. To judge the colour of your di­a­mond clearly, place it next to a spec­trum of oth­ers graded from D and so on. Look at it from the side, while it lies on a sheet of white pa­per, and un­der flu­o­res­cent light­ing. If your bud­get is tight, a lesser grade may save you a f ew dol­lars. The trick? Set your di­a­mond in yel­low gold, so the yel­low tinge is not so ob­vi­ous.

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