The ac­tress and Estet­ica brand am­bas­sador dishes on how to en­joy her time­less bridal beauty vibe.

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I start off every morn­ing with my daily dose of fresh veg­etable juice and fol­low this up a while later with plain water, which I drink through­out the day to stay hy­drated. Like clock­work, af­ter a morn­ing shower, I cleanse, tone and mois­turise with ést.lab’s Vi­taLift A+ anti-age­ing range. It keeps my fa­cial con­tours lifted, and helps me main­tain a youth­ful ra­di­ance. Then it’s time for the Op­ti­maLift A+ Multi-Re­pair Eye Essence to re­duce eye bags, dark cir­cles and wrin­kles, and to brighten up my whole eye area. Sun­screen goes on next. I re­ally like ést.lab’s SunShield SPF50***. It dou­bles as a makeup base, and com­ple­ments my skin tone per­fectly. With this, my makeup also lasts through­out the day with­out fad­ing. Every night, I re­peat my cleanse, tone and mois­turise regime, and end off with ést. lab’s Vi­taLift A+ Mir­a­cle Lift Serum. I haven’t reached 40, but us­ing this serum smooths out my ex­pres­sion lines, re­duces sur­face wrin­kles and re­stores ra­di­ance. It also main­tains skin elas­tic­ity, and boosts the skin’s im­mu­nity against en­vi­ron­men­tal pol­lu­tion. I also ap­ply the Op­ti­maLift A+ Anti-Wrin­kle Eye Cream to re­duce wrin­kles and com­bat signs of age­ing around my eyes. An­other beauty must is a reg­u­lar fa­cial, which is not al­ways easy to do with my hec­tic, of­ten un­pre­dictable sched­ule. When­ever I can’t get to an Estet­ica Beauty Sa­lon, I would use a Vi­taLift A+ Bril­lage Nano-Bio­cel­lu­lose Face Mask twice a week. It’s a sheet mask drenched with ac­tive in­gre­di­ents that de­liver mul­ti­ple ben­e­fits, in­clud­ing re­hy­drat­ing and bright­en­ing my tired skin, and keep­ing it sup­ple and luminous. One more se­cret: I be­lieve beauty starts from the in­side out, and, while I leave Estet­ica to take care of all my skin­care needs, I stick to a healthy diet and life­style. I am sure this holis­tic ap­proach is help­ing my skin to stay healthy and youth­ful, too.


There is re­ally no short­cut to beau­ti­ful skin. As an ac­tress, I am dili­gent about car­ing for my skin in or­der to look my best in front of the cam­era, and in pub­lic. Even when I’m not at work, I take good care of my com­plex­ion, oth­er­wise, the ne­glect would show! It’s some­thing my mum has in­cul­cated in me since young, and I be­lieve that if one slack­ens off their beauty regime for even a day, you lose cru­cial mo­men­tum and dis­ci­pline, and that can eas­ily spi­ral into in­dif­fer­ence. So, I’m pretty dis­ci­plined in main­tain­ing all that I am do­ing, though I bumped things up a notch or two for the wed­ding! For a weekly boost, I added ést.lab’s Op­ti­maLift A+ Eye Con­tour Mask. And, when­ever I could, I’d head to an Estet­ica sa­lon for their sig­na­ture Op­ti­maLift A+ Eye Treat­ment which leaves my eyes in­stantly re­freshed and brighter-look­ing! Two weeks be­fore the pre-wed­ding shoot and the ac­tual wed­ding, I would use a face mask every night. I also sched­uled ap­point­ments for Estet­ica’s pam­per­ing face, eye and body treat­ments, and each visit left me feel­ing re­newed, while my skin, and es­pe­cially the area around my eyes, would look amaz­ing. In or­der to main­tain my fig­ure, I paid spe­cial at­ten­tion to my diet. I re­lied on Estet­ica’s Cellu-Buster Body Ther­apy & Acous­tic Multi Wave Slim

& Tone Ther­apy that in­cor­po­rates acous­tic waves, mul­ti­po­lar ra­dio fre­quency and vac­uum suc­tion. It is ex­cel­lent for re­duc­ing bloat, water re­ten­tion, boost­ing fat me­tab­o­lism, and re­duc­ing cel­lulite on my thighs. As ad­vised by my ther­a­pist, I used the Vi­taLift A+ Bril­lage NanoBio­cel­lu­lose Face Mask the night be­fore my wed­ding. She told me this would help all of my makeup to go on smoothly and stay in­tact all day and it worked!


My key con­cern has al­ways been my eye area, es­pe­cially puffi­ness around the eyes. I’m a loyal user of ést.lab’s Op­ti­maLift A+ eye care range. Be­sides ef­fec­tively di­min­ish­ing puffi­ness, it also re­plen­ishes mois­ture and has me look­ing con­stantly well rested. Also im­por­tant is keep­ing clear of dark spots. Look­ing back, I know now why my mum was so adamant about the im­por­tance of sun­screen since my teenage years. Did I men­tion what a great prod­uct ést.lab’s tinted SunShield SPF50*** was ear­lier? It truly is a beauty must-have! I es­pe­cially like its colour chang­ing tech­nol­ogy. Be­sides broad spec­turm UV pro­tec­tion, it also bright­ens, mois­turises, con­ceals im­per­fec­tions, and gives a sheer, dewy fin­ish. It’s per­fect for makeup-free days, too.


In­vest in the pre­mium Vi­taLift A+ anti-age­ing range. It will have you look­ing youth­ful and ra­di­ant around the clock. And Vi­taLift A+ Mir­a­cle Lift Serum is re­ally ef­fec­tive at mak­ing wrin­kles and lines go away. It also has me look­ing my best for im­por­tant events. One anti-age­ing fa­cial treat­ment I swear by is Estet­ica’s GeneO+ 3-in-1 Su­per Fa­cial that gives im­me­di­ate and last­ing re­sults, thanks to un­par­al­leled skin nour­ish­ment, oxy­gena­tion and the ad­vanced skin sci­ence that drives this tech­nol­ogy. It com­bines TriPol­lar RF, which is clin­i­cally proven to de­liver im­me­di­ate and long-term youth­ful­ness; OxyGe­neo that ex­fo­li­ates, boosts mi­cro­cir­cu­la­tion, and re­freshes as well as re­news skin; and Sonophore­sis that de­liv­ers ac­tive in­gre­di­ents deep into the der­mis to tar­get signs of age­ing, de­hy­dra­tion, sun dam­age, pig­men­ta­tion, rough skin, and acne. Be­sides in­stantly lift­ing my con­tours, it smooths and en­hances ra­di­ance, and my skin im­me­di­ately feels sup­pler and bouncier. My fa­cial con­tours are also more de­fined, and my skin glows like crazy. It is def­i­nitely my go-to skin saver, and is per­fect for time-strapped brides need­ing fast re­sults with zero down­time. Lastly, be sure to try out the Acous­tic Multi-Wave Slim & Tone Body Ther­apy – my se­cret to fit­ting into my wed­ding dress as well as I did!

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