Got a re­la­tion­ship prob­lem? JA­SON GOD­FREY, our man about town, is here to help.

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Our man about town, Ja­son God­frey, an­swers all your re­la­tion­ship ques­tions.

My boyfriend and I have been dat­ing for just over half a year, and he’s more into the re­la­tion­ship than I am. He’s al­ready talk­ing mar­riage and kids, whereas I just re­ally en­joy spend­ing time with him and want to see where this takes us. How do I tell him to re­lax and slow down so there’s not so much pres­sure on me?

Con­ven­tional wis­dom says you should tell him to slow it down, but the Law of Re­la­tion­ship At­trac­tion (I made this up) works con­versely – which means if you do that, it’s guar­an­teed to make him antsy and lock you down even more. Try this in­stead: In­vite your friends who have kids to break­fast. Let him see how ex­hausted they are from hav­ing no sleep, be­cause their kids have kept them up, and they can’t eat break­fast in peace ei­ther. He might back down af­ter see­ing what it’s re­ally like.

I’ve been hang­ing out with this guy for a cou­ple of months. I no­tice I’m al­ways the one sug­gest­ing the dates, or ask­ing him out. He doesn’t take the ini­tia­tive, yet he doesn’t ever turn me down. What gives? Is he even into me?

Put it this way: Guys don’t typ­i­cally hang out with girls just be­cause they need friends. To be hon­est, they’re un­der a ton of pres­sure to make things hap­pen ro­man­ti­cally. Sounds like your guy is happy to have you take the ini­tia­tive, so he’s just sit­ting back and go­ing with it. Don’t sweat it. He’s into you – like a nerd at a Star Wars movie marathon.

I just broke up with my boyfriend. We’ve been to­gether a few years, but I wanted to get mar­ried and he didn’t, so we split up. He says he wants to stay friends, but I’m not sure. Is this even pos­si­ble?

It’s sad to be with some­one and share so much, yet never see each other again. So stay­ing friends with your ex is a nice thing. But ex­pect that it will take some time. Tell him you can be friends, but only when you’re ready for it. It could take months or even years be­fore you are – so don’t put pres­sure on your­self.

Your man wants a wed­ding and kids? Give him a re­al­ity check. Have more ques­tions about men and their ro­man­ti­cally ob­tuse ways? E-mail Ja­son at magher­, fol­low him on Twit­ter (@bigsmileno­teeth) and like his Face­book page at www.face­­teeth.

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