It has been re­puted as a po­tent health booster for mil­len­nia. Now, the re­viv­ing and for­ti­fy­ing pow­ers of gin­seng have been har­nessed by Sul­wha­soo to pro­duce a line of prod­ucts that prom­ises to re­store a youth­ful ap­pear­ance to skin.

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Best­sellers from a Ja­panese beauty house known for its preser­va­tive­free skin­care.

Packed with nu­tri­ents, gin­seng has been used for thousands of years to com­bat health con­cerns rang­ing from ag­ging en­ergy lev­els to men­tal and phys­i­cal stress. Given its rep­u­ta­tion for beneting the body in var­i­ous ways, it’s hardly a stretch from there to be­lieve that it can be just as good for our skin.

Korean lux­ury holis­tic beauty brand Sul­wha­soo has been re­search­ing the ef­fects of gin­seng in skin­care for more than 50 years. It rst de­vel­oped its ABC Gin­seng Cream in 1966. Over the years, it has con­tin­ued its stud­ies on the herb, com­bin­ing new nd­ings with ad­vances in tech­nol­ogy, and that ini­tial cream of­fer­ing has evolved into the brand’s cor­ner­stone range: the Con­cen­trated Gin­seng Re­new­ing line.


The star of the range is Con­cen­trated Gin­seng Re­new­ing Cream EX, a peren­nial favourite that has been Sul­wha­soo’s best­seller for 17 years since it was re­leased in 2000. This anti-age­ing mois­turiser – into its fourth in­car­na­tion now – was also re­leased as a light­tex­tured ver­sion last year for women who pre­fer their skin­care to have a more light­weight feel.

Said to con­tain the equiv­a­lent of one whole gin­seng root in each jar, the cream is the re­sult of Sul­wha­soo’s re­search on how to best har­ness the herb’s pow­ers for skin­care. It in­cludes a gin­sen­gderived prod­uct called Com­pound K, which the brand ex­plains is key in bring­ing about skin re­gen­er­a­tion and boost­ing the pro­duc­tion of col­la­gen and hyaluronic acid. The cream also has Gin­seno­side Re, which is ex­tracted from gin­seng ow­ers and is said to help en­hance the skin’s de­fen­sive abil­i­ties. To­gether, these in­gre­di­ents ad­dress early signs of age­ing such as dry­ness, loss of rm­ness and dull­ness.

The prod­uct is meant for use around the eyes, fore­head, mouth and na­solabial folds – ar­eas prone to wrinkles and sag­ging. Ac­cord­ing to Sul­wha­soo re­searchers, these parts of the face are the ones that peo­ple fo­cus on when they rst look at you. These same ar­eas are where you’re more likely to no­tice wrinkles and loss of rm­ness, be­cause they go through more re­peated mus­cle move­ments than the rest of the face.


For an added boost, slip on the Con­cen­trated Gin­seng Re­new­ing Creamy Mask. Soaked in a creamy for­mula that boasts eight times more Com­pound K than a jar of the cream, this sheet mask is meant to rm the skin and re­duce the look of wrinkles. Sul­wha­soo says that you can see vis­i­ble improvements after just one use: Your skin should look more re­freshed and youth­ful, with in­creased clar­ity and ra­di­ance, while feel­ing more plumped-up and sup­ple too.

The mask is made up of two pieces – one each for the up­per and lower parts of the face – that boast the brand’s in­no­va­tive Dou­ble Wrap­ping Sheet™ struc­ture. How the lat­ter works: An outer layer re­port­edly blocks out pol­lu­tants and pro­vides ven­ti­la­tion so that the in­ner layer can ad­here bet­ter to skin. For more seam­less cov­er­age over the whole face, ap­ply the lower por­tion be­fore the top one.


With many of us keep­ing late nights and spend­ing long hours star­ing at screens, it doesn’t take long for prob­lems such as wrinkles (from all that squint­ing and rub­bing), dark cir­cles (from fa­tigue and poor cir­cu­la­tion), un­even tex­ture and dry­ness to set in. That is why ex­tra care should be given to the del­i­cate eye area daily.

The up­graded for­mula of the Con­cen­trated Gin­seng Re­new­ing Eye Cream prom­ises to ad­dress all these is­sues with a for­mula that has been specically de­signed to rm up the thin, sen­si­tive skin around the eyes. It now has the same anti-age­ing in­gre­di­ents as its face-cream coun­ter­part, in a light and soft tex­ture. The re­sult: a rm­ing and bright­en­ing ef­fect that makes your eye area look smoother and more ra­di­ant – which is pre­cisely what you need to stop get­ting those “you look tired” com­ments from wellmean­ing friends.

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