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Our man about town, Ja­son God­frey, an­swers all your re­la­tion­ship ques­tions.

Why is it so hard to meet a nice guy? I date a lot, but I never seem to meet a guy who wants to com­mit. How do I break the cy­cle?

You could start dat­ing guys who are less fun. Yours is the age-old ques­tion of how to lock a guy down, and the an­swer is that there’s no hard and fast rule. One day you’ll meet some­one you click with and the cy­cle will break, but in the mean­time, you’re just as free as they are to play mind games. With the next one you meet, just have fun and then never call him again. When he reaches out, say “Hey, I was just hav­ing fun”, and watch him be­come ob­sessed with lock­ing you down. Cy­cle bro­ken.

I’ve put on some weight, and my self­condence has taken a hit. I don’t want my hus­band to see me naked, so I think he has picked up on the prob­lem. How do I x this?

A lit­tle bit of weight gain isn’t a big deal, but if it’s af­fect­ing your self­condence, you could try los­ing the weight. Be­sides, you’ll feel gen­er­ally bet­ter if you work out and eat right, and your condence can’t help but go up once you start see­ing your­self look­ing all jacked.

I’ve just started dat­ing this guy, and we’re get­ting to know each other’s so­cial cir­cles. What’s your fool­proof ad­vice on how to make his friends like me?

I was go­ing for plat­i­tudes, but since you asked for some­thing fool­proof, I’ll just tell it like it is. Smile and ask lots of ques­tions, then lis­ten like they’re su­per in­ter­est­ing (they’re prob­a­bly not, but just go with it). Re­mem­ber, ev­ery­body likes talk­ing about them­selves, not lis­ten­ing to other peo­ple go on about them­selves.

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