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If you can’t shake the UTIs, one ma­jor rea­son could be poor hy­giene. Ex­perts point to a par­tic­u­lar bac­te­ria called uropathogenic E coli that lives in the gut, so if you’re not wip­ing cor­rectly, or are prac­tis­ing poor hy­giene dur­ing sex (like not wash­ing your hands after do­ing a num­ber two, and then hav­ing sex), this bac­te­ria can en­ter the ure­thra and stick to the bladder wall. The pop­u­la­tion of this E coli tends to uc­tu­ate, which is why UTIs can seem­ingly re­cur and stop for no rea­son.

See a doc­tor for a urine test. This will help iden­tify which an­tibi­otics can best treat your con­di­tion.

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