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Dr Karen Soh, med­i­cal di­rec­tor at Prive Aes­thet­ics, tells us how to care for your skin in your 20s, as well as how to treat milia seeds.


QWhat kind of sk­in­care rou­tine is rec­om­mended for women in their late 20s? Are an­ti­age­ing prod­ucts too rich or harsh for their skin? – Ni­cole Chia

AHow you care for your skin in your 20s de­ter­mines what it will look like for the rest of your life. Right now, your skin is still full of col­la­gen and is at its most sup­ple. If you take clear, even-toned skin for granted in your 20s, you may be set­ting your­self up for “pay­back” decades later.

Anti-age­ing sk­in­care is not too rich or harsh for you. I would sug­gest us­ing gen­tle prod­ucts (such as a light­weight cleanser and an oil-free moisturiser), and to fo­cus on dam­age pre­ven­tion with an an­tiox­i­dant serum and sun­screen.

An­tiox­i­dant serums count as anti-age­ing sk­in­care, as they help fend off free rad­i­cals that dam­age skin. Choose one in a light­weight for­mula if you find creamy tex­tures too rich for your skin.

Sun­screen is vi­tal in any sk­in­care rou­tine as UV rays dam­age cells deep in the skin, which brings about pre­ma­ture skin age­ing. Even if you use sun­screen, keep out of the sun as much as pos­si­ble and stay well hy­drated.

If you haven’t been dili­gent with sun­screen, you may al­ready see fine lines around your mouth, and you may no­tice that your skin tends to get dry eas­ily. Also, dam­aged pig­ment-pro­duc­ing cells in skin can con­tinue to pro­duce dark pig­ments even when skin is not ex­posed to the sun. And dam­age from UV rays is cu­mu­la­tive, so you could start to see dark spots on your skin only years down the road.

In ad­di­tion to us­ing serum and sun­screen, make ev­ery step of your rou­tine count by choos­ing a fa­cial cleanser with more sk­in­care ben­e­fits, like the Prive Sk­in­works White Light­en­ing Wash ($73.83 for 150ml). This gen­tle cleanser has mul­berry root ex­tract and other in­gre­di­ents to brighten skin and help re­duce the look of dark spots.

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