The Dirtier the Air, the Gen­tler the Cleanser

The logic be­hind this school of thought: our skin is al­ready vul­ner­a­ble; clean it in the kind­est way.

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Our skin is al­ready vul­ner­a­ble, so clean it in the kind­est way.

There’s a gen­eral mind­set that we must elim­i­nate ev­ery speck of dirt with the most po­tent cleanser. Es­pe­cially since the World Health Or­ga­ni­za­tion says 90 per cent of the global pop­u­la­tion now lives with high lev­els of pol­lu­tants.

We are not against clean­li­ness, but as the skin is an or­gan (the largest one, too) and not a toi­let that needs overzeal­ous clean­ing, how we clean it af­fects its abil­ity to do what it’s sup­posed to do: pro­tect us from the el­e­ments – in­clud­ing pol­lu­tion. Es­pe­cially pol­lu­tion.

So why is bad air worse than, say, the sun? Pol­lu­tion, on its own, in­duces more ox­ida­tive stress. It also am­pli­fies the neg­a­tive ef­fects of UV rays.

That’s why cos­met­ics com­pa­nies have been look­ing at anti-pol­lu­tion cleansers dif­fer­ently: to clean bet­ter, it’s bet­ter to clean gen­tly – be­cause an al­ready weak­ened skin bar­rier needs to be soothed, not fur­ther ag­gra­vated. To do that, a lot of the fo­cus has been on tex­tures – myr­iad richer tex­tures (get this: rich doesn’t = oily), from oil to foam and milk to wa­ter – that are de­signed to glide over skin to re­move what shouldn’t be there while pro­tect­ing and boost­ing what should. Chanel has been an early ad­vo­ca­tor of anti-pol­lu­tion vig­i­lance. Its lat­est cleans­ing range, Antipollution (which re­places some of its cur­rent cleansers), has four prod­ucts. Each emol­lient cleanser has a dif­fer­ent tex­ture and is aimed at what you need rather than your skin type. They are colour-coded: or­ange = oil; blue = wa­tery. All ex­cept the foam cleanser will re­move full-face makeup.

Cleans­ing Oil is a very wa­tery oil that emul­si­fies with wa­ter but doesn’t lather. $64

Cleans­ing Cream-to­foam gives a creamy lather for zero drag on skin. Use it in the AM or as part two of your dou­ble-cleanse in the PM. $64

Cleans­ing Milk-to-wa­ter is like a milky mi­cel­lar wa­ter, and de­signed to be used like one – with just a cot­ton pad. $64

Cleans­ing Milk-toOil is a thicker milk that trans­forms to a com­fort­ing oil tex­ture which drier or ma­ture skins will like. $64 Ja­panese holis­tic brand Three’s anti-pol­lu­tion cleansers are de­signed for weak­ened skin which has be­come re­ac­tive to ur­ban liv­ing. Both have bay leaf oil, a nat­u­ral an­tibi­otic and sani­tiser to detox, deep­clean and re­duce re­ac­tiv­ity.

Cleans­ing Oil’s smooth and highly spread­able tex­ture is the best of all the oil cleansers we have tried. $68

Clear­ing Foam with soap nut ex­tract and olive oil is a sooth­ing wash for even the most re­ac­tive skin. $58

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