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No more dry, itchy eyes to ir­ri­tate you and put a damper on your plans. Al­con’s new daily con­tact lenses are said to be com­fort­able enough for you to wear all day and barely no­tice they’re there.

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If you were to track a typ­i­cal work­day from the time you wake up to the time you hit the sack, odds are it will add up to 16 hours or more1. That’s 16 hours of near-con­stant eye ex­er­tion – a long stretch for any­body, es­pe­cially con­tact-lens wear­ers for whom dry­ness and ir­ri­ta­tion can set in fast.

To avoid eye dis­com­fort, many set­tle for shorter pe­ri­ods of wear or re­sign them­selves to in­con­ve­niences. They tote eye drops around to re-lu­bri­cate their lenses sev­eral times a day. Some switch to glasses by af­ter­noon, or avoid wear­ing con­tact lenses for a cou­ple of days a week to “rest” their eyes.

Many even swop per­ma­nent or monthly con­tact lenses for dailies, which are said to be more com­fort­able and hy­gienic. But still, they hope for more breath­able, com­fort­able ones that can last through a Fri­day din­ner date or late-night party.

That is why Al­con’s lat­est Dailies To­tal 1 is just what you need. Us­ing a new Water Gra­di­ent Tech­nol­ogy2, these con­tact lenses are cush­ioned be­tween two mois­ture lay­ers that are be­tween 80 per cent and al­most 100 per cent water. And at their core, the lenses con­tain 33 per cent water within their flex­i­ble plas­tic ma­te­rial.

This mois­tur­is­ing ef­fect is fur­ther boosted by Al­con’s SmarTearsTM tech­nol­ogy3-5, which re­leases phos­phatidyl­choline – a phos­pho­lipid found in nat­u­ral tears – to keep eyes lu­bri­cated. The brand’s tests also in­di­cate that Dailies To­tal 1 lenses are six times more breath­able* than the lead­ing dis­pos­able con­tact lenses on the mar­ket6, al­low­ing bet­ter oxy­gen flow to pre­vent dry­ness and red­ness.

And to take you from AM to PM in com­fort, Dailies To­tal 1 lenses are de­signed to feel like vir­tu­ally noth­ing on your eyes, staying as fresh and moist as un­worn lenses the whole way through. So, re­ally, all you have to worry about is re­mem­ber­ing to take them off at the end of the day.


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