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QI’ve no­ticed that my pores ap­pear larger when I’m on my pe­riod. I’ve al­ways sus­pected it’s due to my hor­mones. What can I do to pre­vent them from look­ing big­ger?

– Is­abel Toh

AA surge in lutein­is­ing hor­mone dur­ing ovu­la­tion, and pro­ges­terone and testos­terone near men­stru­a­tion, can stim­u­late the se­ba­ceous glands. Skin be­comes more oily, lead­ing to pe­riod pim­ples. Oe­stro­gen and an­dro­gens (male sex hor­mones) also en­large pores. Switch to oil-free makeup and moisturiser at these two times of the month.

What you eat also af­fects your pores. Eat­ing lots of high gly­caemic in­dex (GI) car­bo­hy­drates, re­fined su­gar, and omega-6 fatty acids (found in flaxseed oil and pump­kin seeds) over­stim­u­lates the se­ba­ceous glands.

If you have oily skin, eat more dark green leafy veg­eta­bles, dried beans, fruits and cal­cium-rich food. This reader wins a set of Prive Sk­in­works prod­ucts worth $252.40, com­pris­ing White Light­en­ing Wash, White Light­en­ing Toner, Triple Ac­tion Skin De­fence SPF50, and Honey Sooth­ing Cream.

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