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Ask your­self if your fears are war­ranted “Dif­fer­en­ti­ate facts from thoughts,” says Cristina. “Re­peat to your­self: ‘Just be­cause I think I’m em­bar­rass­ing my­self does not mean it’s true.’” For all you know, that woman look­ing at you strangely might just be guilty of hav­ing a rest­ing b*tch face.


Talk to some­one about how you’re feel­ing

“Fam­ily and close friends can give you the sup­port you need,” Cristina says. But draw the line at talk­ing to your boss and col­leagues, who may try to help by cover­ing for you – even if your col­leagues are nice enough not to throw a fit about car­ry­ing your weight, it’s not do­ing you any favours. You need to re­solve the is­sue, not walk away from it.


Get pro­fes­sional help Cog­ni­tive be­havioural ther­apy and med­i­cal treat­ment might work bet­ter for you. You’ll learn re­lax­ation tech­niques from a psy­chol­o­gist or psy­chi­a­trist, as well as cog­ni­tive re­struc­tur­ing (that’s med­i­cal speak for chang­ing your mind­set) to imag­ine social sit­u­a­tions and men­tally prep for them. You’ll also get to test this out in real-life sce­nar­ios.

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