The mo­ment you start to feel anx­ious in a social set­ting, ex­cuse your­self, find a quiet place, and prac­tise mus­cle re­lax­ation. Here’s how:

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1. Find a com­fort­able place where you can sit down.

2. Flex your feet, pull your toes to­wards you, and feel the ten­sion in your calves. Hold for five sec­onds, then re­lax.

3. Pause for 10 sec­onds, then tighten your thighs, press your knees to­gether, and hold for five sec­onds. Re­lease and pause for 10 sec­onds.

4. Re­peat this process with the mus­cles in your bum, stom­ach, lower back and shoul­ders.

5. Fi­nally, smile widely, feel­ing your mouth and cheeks tense. Squint un­til your eyes are tightly shut and hold for five sec­onds, then re­lease.

6. Imag­ine a wave of re­lax­ation spread­ing through your body from your head all the way down to your feet. Feel the weight of your body. Then take three slow breaths in and out.

7. Once your nerves are steady, go back to work­ing the room. You’re likely to feel more at ease now.

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