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Ev­ery­one loves a bright and airy home, but how do we achieve that with less elec­tric­ity use? Here are some tips to trans­form a dark, dreary space – with­out in­cur­ring hefty en­ergy bills.

1 Dark walls tend to make a space feel drab, if the space isn’t de­signed prop­erly. To play it safe, choose a light or neu­tral colour to vis­ually ex­pand the space.

2 Paint the ceil­ing white. Dark ceil­ings tend to make a room feel smaller. red3 Use and ac­cent orange, colours which like can bright­give your home the “oomph” fac­tor. But be care­ful how and where you use them, or they can be over­whelm­ing. A good trick is to con­fine them to ac­ces­sories such as vases and cush­ions. 4 Lighten your win­dow treat­ments. Re­place your heavy cur­tains with light­weight ones. Blinds are also good al­ter­na­tives.

5 Use low-en­ergy light bulbs, such as com­pact flu­o­res­cent lamps (CFL) and cold cath­ode flu­o­res­cent lamps (CCFL), to il­lu­mi­nate your rooms.

6 For spot­light­ing de­sign fea­tures, art­work or pho­tos, use light-emit­ting diodes (LED) in­stead of halo­gen lights, which tend to emit a lot of heat. LEDs pro­vide di­rec­tional light and don’t emit as much UV rays, which can harm high-end or del­i­cate art­work. bright­en­ing7 Mir­rors doa space, won­ders apart­for from vis­ually en­larg­ing it. Place one op­po­site a win­dow to dou­ble the amount of light en­ter­ing your home.

8 When was the last time you cleaned your win­dows? This may be obvious, but dirty win­dows block out sun­light.

9 For rooms with small win­dows, choose fur­ni­ture that help to re­flect light. Shiny acrylic, mir­rored or metal­lic fin­ishes all help to bounce light around the room.

10 De­clut­ter your home. You will be sur­prised at how much airier it will be­come when un­nec­es­sary ob­jects are stored or thrown away.

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