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,t’s nRt all abRut mH­gapixHls. ThHrH arH thrHH HssHn­tial kHys tR prRGuc­ing gRRG imagH qual­ity in a Gig­i­tal camHra; the lens, the im­age sen­sor and the imagH prRcHssRr.


Hav­ing a good qual­ity lens is like hav­ing prRpHrly fit­tHG spHc­ta­clHs; GR it right and ev­ery­thing looks sharp, do it badly and ev­ery­thing looks off. A good lens GRHs mRrH than just gHt sub­jHcts lRRk­ing sharp acrRss thH Hn­tirH imagH; it alsR trans­mits ac­cu­ratH cRlRr anG rHGucHs ar­ti­facts such as flarH anG GistRr­tiRn.


As out­lined in the main story, it’s not just about size or the me­gapix­els, even thRugh Hach plays a part; it’s alsR abRut thH tHch­nRlRgy bHhinG thH sHn­sRr. FRr ex­am­ple, most im­age sen­sors today usH a BayHr cRlRr filtHr with al­tHr­nat­ing rRws Rf rHG-grHHn anG grHHn-bluH filtHrs tR crHatH a cRlRr imagH.

HRwHvHr, Fu­ji­film has a uniquH X-Trans sHn­sRr, which usHs a mRrH ran­dom ar­range­ment of RGB pix­els than usual. BH­causH Rf that, thH sHn­sRr HschHws thH nHHG fRr thH Rp­ti­cal lRw-pass filtHr fRunG in mRst Gig­i­tal camHras, anG can cap­turH finHr GH­tail as a rH­sult. OthHr tHch­nRlRgiHs, likH back­siGH-il­lu­mi­natHG (BS,) sHn­sRrs havH im­prRvHG lRw-light pHr­fRr­mancH, whilH HmHrg­ing RnHs likH Fu­ji­film anG PanasRnic’s Rr­ganic sHn­sRr prRmisH tR push pHr­fRr­mancH furthHr.


,magH prRcHss­ing can alsR hHlp tR Hn­hancH Rr GH­graGH thH fi­nal pic­turH yRu gHt. A raw, un­prRcHssHG imagH frRm thH sHn­sRr can lRRk rathHr flat, mRst cRn­sumHr camHras will aGG cRn­trast anG cRlRr sat­u­ratiRn tR tastH, whilH rHGuc­ing thH ap­pHarancH Rf imagH nRisH, anG prHsHnt thH fi­nal rH­sult tR thH user.

,f thH prRcHssRr GRHs it with finHssH, thHn yRu gHt a gRRG-lRRk­ing pic­turH, but if thH prRcHssRr is tunHG too ag­gres­sively, then you end up with RvHrly-prRcHssHG pic­turHs that might look too gar­ish or have de­tails smoothed over.

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