Megapixel Count ver­sus Im­age Res­o­lu­tion

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When you up­grade from a 4MP sen­sor to an 8MP sen­sor, how much more res­o­lu­tion do you get? Dou­ble? Not quite.

The megapixel count comes from mul­ti­ply­ing the length and breadth of an im­age to get its area. But res­o­lu­tion is mea­sured lin­early. While the sur­face area of the im­age dou­bles from 4MP to 8MP, the length and breadth of the im­age only in­creases by around 45% each.

To get an ac­tual dou­bling of im­age res­o­lu­tion, you have to quadru­ple megapixel count. So to get dou­ble the length and breadth of a 4MP pic­ture, you ac­tu­ally have to shoot with a 16MP sen­sor.

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