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Sony is known for their “mono­lithic” de­signs and hints of that phi­los­o­phy can be found in the aes­thet­ics of the SRS-BTX500 wire­less Blue­tooth speaker, with clean, straight lines and min­i­mal frills. The grey tone of the speak­ers is fur­ther spiced up with metal­lic trim on the sides.

Flip­ping the SRS-BTX500 around reveals that the speak­ers also come with a kick-out stand, like the Sam­sung DA-F61. Un­like the DA-F61 how­ever, the SRS-BTX500 was solid and steady once propped up. You will also find a 3.5mm port for wired au­dio in­put, as well as a port for the power adapter on the back panel. Sony has also in­cluded a (power-only) USB port to help charge de­vices like your smart­phone which is a nice touch.

Like the JBL Pow­erUp, the NFC tag is placed smack in the mid­dle of the top sur­face of the SRSBTX500. How­ever un­like the JBL speak­ers, the thin pro­file of the rest­ing sur­face for the SRS-BTX500 in­volves plac­ing your smart­phone on it like a see­saw.

Even though the SRS-BTX500 is equipped with a lithium-ion bat­tery, we would score it the low­est in terms of porta­bil­ity from all the (portable) speak­ers in this shootout. For one, it is eas­ily the largest of the lot, and can only be car­ried by hand thanks to a re­cessed hold at the back. Fur­ther­more, you only get up to six hours of play­back, while a full-charge can be achieved af­ter four hours plugged in.

There is an up­side to the large size of the SRS-BTX500: It’s got power in spades. The SRSBTX500 has a power out­put of 40W, which is the high­est rated num­ber of all the speak­ers tested here. Sound is taken care of by two 48mm driv­ers, an 80mm sub-woofer as well as two pas­sive ra­di­a­tors. Sony has also in­cluded their Clear Phase DSP to at­tempt to pro­vide a re­fined lis­ten­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

When tested, Sony’s dili­gence ap­pears to pay off. The SRS-BTX500 has bal­anced sound with clear mids and highs. The low fre­quen­cies are con­trolled, but suf­fi­ciently deep for im­pact. For those look­ing for even more oomph from their bass, they can switch on Sony’s Mega Bass fea­ture which ex­tends the low fre­quen­cies without com­pro­mis­ing too much in ei­ther the con­trol or def­i­ni­tion de­part­ments. Sound Field Ex­pan­sion is an­other au­dio fea­ture which ex­pands the sound­stage and brings the highs into greater promi­nence. These fea­tures add ver­sa­til­ity to the SRS-BTX500’s al­ready im­pres­sive sound pro­file.

“ThE SrS-bTX500 haS a PoWEr ouT­PuT oF 40W, WhiCh iS ThE high­EST raTED nuM­bEr oF all ThE SPEaK­ErS TESTED.”

But­tons on the side pro­vide ac­cess to sound en­hance­ment fea­tures and con­trols.

Tap the NFC tag at the top of the SRS-BTX500 to pair your de­vice with the speak­ers.

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