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Ger­man brand Loewe may now be known for their up­per-class tele­vi­sions, but the com­pany ac­tu­ally started off as a ra­dio man­u­fac­turer. And with the Speaker 2go portable, Blue­tooth-pow­ered boom box, they’re mak­ing a re­turn to their roots.

The sil­ver edi­tion of the Speaker 2go was eas­ily the pret­ti­est of the bunch. With a bi­sect­ing line in the mid­dle, del­i­cate front grill and an­odized alu­minum fin­ish, the speak­ers look some­what like an in­stru­ment case you may ex­pect a skilled draughts­man to carry.

The speak­ers are de­signed to be portable and come equipped with a lithium-ion bat­tery rated for up to eight hours of play­back. While the en­tire pack­age is nowhere near as big as the Sony SRS-BTX5000, it is de­cep­tively heavy at 1.30kg.

At the back you’ll find both the 3.5mm port and the power adapter ports. Touch-sen­si­tive but­tons on the top of the de­vice which light up when pressed, as well as to in­di­cate the Speaker 2go’s cur­rent sta­tus. The lo­ca­tion of the NFC tag is de­noted by a cir­cu­lar, black mark. Es­tab­lish­ing a Blue­tooth con­nec­tion via NFC was rel­a­tively has­sle free, but a lit­tle on the slow side when com­pared to the rest.

Other in­no­va­tive de­sign as­pects of the speak­ers in­clude a hard on/off tog­gle switch. This can come in handy for those who want to be dou­bly sure that the speak­ers won’t ac­ci­den­tally power up while in the bag. Loewe also in­cluded a height-ad­justable rub­ber foot at the bot­tom, which let the speak­ers tilt to 7.5-de­grees for bet­ter sound pro­jec­tion. In terms of au­dio ca­pa­bil­i­ties, the Speaker 2go matches the 40W power out­put of the Sony SRS-BTX500. Like the lat­ter, Loewe also goes with a 2.1 driver con­fig­u­ra­tion, with each of the three pow­ered by in­di­vid­ual Class D dig­i­tal am­pli­fiers. The star as­pects of the speaker’s per­for­mance were its loud vol­ume and strong bass. The low fre­quen­cies were ex­tended and deep, al­beit slightly loose. Good mids helped to round the sound pro­file out, though a lack of clear tre­bles re­duced the im­pact of cer­tain tracks such as Melt My Heart To Stone.

All things said, the Speaker 2go is an ex­tremely good speaker in its own right, but ul­ti­mately com­ing in se­cond to the SRS-BTX500 in terms of au­dio qual­ity.

“loEWE goES WiTh a 2.1 DriVEr Con­Fig­u­ra­Tion, WiTh EaCh PoW­ErED bY in­Di­ViD­ual ClaSS D Dig­i­Tal aM­Pli­FiErS.”

The Loewe Speaker 2go comes with a USB in case you want to de­plete its bat­tery to charge your phone.

Thin sliv­ers of rub­ber at the bot­tom of the de­vice keep the speak­ers sta­ble when it is pump­ing out sound.

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