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The Mech key­board from CM Storm of­fers a level of dura­bil­ity be­yond any of our other key­boards, thanks to an em­bed­ded steel key­board plate and a dis­tinc­tive alu­minum top plate. Avail­able in your choice of Cherry MX Red, Brown or Blue switches, the Mech also uti­lizes a 32-bit 72MHz Rapid Fire En­gine pro­ces­sor for fast macro play­back, with five ded­i­cated macro keys and 64-key rollover.

The Mech has a very large in­te­grated wrist rest. Un­for­tu­nately, the rest is com­pletely flat and only starts to slope at the edge, which re­sults in a flat, some­what un­com­fort­able typ­ing sur­face. The rest also sports an un­usual asym­met­ric wedge shape with the key­board’s alu­minum plate jut­ting out on the left side, re­sult­ing in your left hand of­ten rest­ing on the cold metal. Fur­ther, the over­sized right side of the rest seems un­nec­es­sar­ily large, es­pe­cially con­sid­er­ing that for most games, your right hand will be on your mouse. Adding to the Mech’s al­ready large foot­print is a built-in car­ry­ing han­dle, pre­sum­ably for you to take it with you to gam­ing events, but due to its large size, this seems rather un­prac­ti­cal. The back of the key­board has a con­nec­tiv­ity hub with two USB 3.0 ports, a headphone port, mi­cro­phone port and a mi­cro-USB, which can be used for charg­ing portable de­vices.

The Mech has five ded­i­cated macro keys on the left side of the key­board, each of which can store up to three macros each. To tog­gle be­tween macros, the left and right alt keys dou­ble up as macro mod­i­fiers.

The white back­light­ing on the Mech has three modes: ev­ery­thing on, pulse and WASD only, with five bright­ness lev­els each, al­though there wasn’t much dif­fer­ence be­tween the two high­est lev­els. Light­ing is con­trolled through Fn keys on F1 to F4, while F5 to F11 serve as me­dia con­trol keys. The Win­dows key has been re­lo­cated to the right side of the key­board, but a Win­dows lock can also be ac­ti­vated with Fn + F12.

“the mech Key­BOarD FrOm

cm stOrm OF­Fers a leVel OF Dura­Bil­ity Be­yOnD any OF the Other Key­BOarDs.”

A built-in car­ry­ing han­dle lets you take it to gam­ing events.

The Mech has a thick alu­minum top plate for ex­tra dura­bil­ity.

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