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Log­itech’s first me­chan­i­cal key­board, the G710+, is packed with fea­tures: 110 anti-ghost­ing keys, 26-key rollover, dual-zone five-level ad­justable back­light­ing, six pro­gram­mable macro keys (which can store up to three macros each), ded­i­cated me­dia con­trol keys and a Win­dows but­ton lock key to pre­vent ac­ci­den­tal tab­bing out of your game. As a nice touch, the me­dia con­trol panel also has a scroll­wheel for quickly ad­just­ing vol­ume.

The G710+ uses a com­bi­na­tion of matte grey and shiny black plas­tic, capped off with an­gled edges and a bold, con­trasty or­ange bor­der around the Macro keys. An op­tional key­board rest is in­cluded, but is a lit­tle un­der­sized and too low pro­file to add much com­fort. The G710+ re­quires two USB ports to use, but you gain one of them back thanks to a USB passthrough port lo­cated at the back of the key­board that lets you plug in other gam­ing equip­ment like your mouse or head­set.

The G710+ of­fers dual-zone back­light­ing con­trolled by two sep­a­rate keys. One key con­trols the WASD and ar­row keys, while the other ad­justs the rest of the key­board. Each set of back­lights has five lev­els of bright­ness, giv­ing you the op­tion to il­lu­mi­nate the WASD keys brighter for in­creased vis­i­bil­ity, while still hav­ing back­light­ing avail­able on the rest of the keys. Cranked up to max­i­mum, the back­light­ing is among the bright­est avail­able. The G710+ uti­lizes Cherry MX Brown switches, which are tac­tile with a no­tice­able bump mid­way through the key press that lets you know when the switch has been trig­gered. The keys them­selves are soft and light, with a rea­son­ably short throw. Each key also fea­tures a small damp­en­ing ring un­der­neath it that makes the key­board a bit qui­eter than the rest of our me­chan­i­cal key­boards.

“the g710+ OF­Fers Dual-ZOne BacK­light­ing cOn­trOlleD By tWO sep­a­rate Keys.”

The row of G macro keys on the G710+ are high­lighted in bold or­ange.

The G710+ has a ded­i­cated scroll­wheel for quickly ad­just­ing vol­ume.

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