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Roc­cat has gone all out for its first me­chan­i­cal gam­ing key­board, the Ryos MK Pro, which uti­lizes two 32-bit ARM Cor­tex pro­ces­sors, has full N-key rollover, per-key il­lu­mi­na­tion, eight macro keys and comes in your choice of Cherry MX Black, Red, Blue or Brown switches. Looks-wise, the MK Pro has an in­ter­est­ing matte black fin­ish with a glossy mi­cro-dot pat­tern that helps re­pel fin­ger­prints and smudges. A large, slop­ing wrist rest is built in and pro­vides a de­cent amount of com­fort and sup­port, se­cond only to Steelseries’ 7G rest. Like most of our other key­boards, the MK Pro also in­cludes a small con­nec­tiv­ity hub, with two USB 2.0 ports lo­cated on the right side, and a mi­cro­phone and headphone port lo­cated on the left.

The MK Pro is the only key­board in this shootout to of­fer per-key back­light­ing. This unique fea­ture lets ev­ery sin­gle key be in­di­vid­u­ally cus­tom­ized and con­fig­ured to light up or de­ac­ti­vate, mak­ing it easy to high­light your mod­i­fier keys, in-game and ap­pli­ca­tion key bind­ings, and even cooldowns and macro con­di­tions. 2MB of mem­ory saves all of your set­tings on­board so that, even if you switch com­put­ers, your set­tings will still be there.

The MK Pro isn’t lack­ing for macro keys ei­ther. Along the left side you’ll find five ded­i­cated macro but­tons, as well as three more ‘thumb­ster’ macro but­tons con­ve­niently lo­cated un­der the space bar. Macro record­ing can be done on the fly and can also be saved in on­board mem­ory. Like many of Roc­cat’s gam­ing mice, the MK Pro also fea­tures an Easy Shift+ key, which is es­sen­tially just an­other mod­i­fier key to work with - MMO gamers with lots of key­binds should find the ex­tra mod­i­fier par­tic­u­larly use­ful, as it’s much eas­ier to hit than Left Alt. By de­fault, the Easy Shift mod­i­fier is set to the caps lock key, al­though it can be tog­gled off or re­con­fig­ured.

The only neg­a­tive we can fault the MK Pro with, is that the Win­dows key re­mains pre­car­i­ously po­si­tioned on the left side. While it is pos­si­ble to dis­able it through soft­ware, we would have pre­ferred a ded­i­cated Win­dows lock key.

“the mK prO is the Only Key­BOarD in this shOOtOut tO OF­Fer per-Key BacK­light­ing.”

Back­light­ing on the MK Pro can be con­fig­ured on a perkey ba­sis.

The MK Pro has three ‘thumb­ster’ macro keys un­der the space bar.

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