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Steelseries’ 7G me­chan­i­cal gam­ing key­board has been around for a while now but it’s still one of the most pop­u­lar choices around. While you won’t find any ex­tra util­ity like ded­i­cated macro keys or back­light­ing, it of­fers fan­tas­tic build-qual­ity, one of the most com­fort­able wrist rests around and full N-key rollover through its PS/2 con­nec­tion (a USB con­verter is also pro­vided).

The 7G is quite plain as far as looks go, without any fancy back­light­ing or er­go­dy­namic styling - it’s es­sen­tially just a black rec­tan­gle with a small con­nec­tiv­ity hub con­sist­ing of two USB 2.0 ports, a headphone port and a mi­cro­phone port found at the rear. The one de­sign flair that Steelseries has in­cluded is an over­sized wrist rest that ac­tu­ally goes over the en­tire key­board. While it takes up a con­sid­er­able amount of space, the rest is sturdy and pro­vides a very com­fort­able slop­ing sur­face with loads of room to rest your wrists on.

Keys on the 7G are quite high pro­file, which com­ple­ments the feel of its Cherry MX Black switches quite nicely. Each key has an 18K gold-plated con­nec­tor and, while the switches them­selves feel no dif­fer­ent from other MX Black-equipped key­boards, the 18K gold-plat­ing sup­pos­edly in­creases the dura­bil­ity of each switch. Like all MX Black key­boards, the keys are lin­ear with plenty of travel, with a match­ing ac­tu­a­tion and re­set point, re­sult­ing in a very smooth, if slightly stiff, punchy feel. It’s not the best key­board for typ­ing as you have to bot­tom out ev­ery time to ac­ti­vate a key, and any­one that prefers a tac­tile bump should def­i­nitely stay away, but FPS gamers that em­ploy ag­gres­sive dou­ble tap­ping should look no fur­ther.

The Win­dows key on the 7G has been re­lo­cated to the right side to pre­vent ac­ci­den­tal tab­bing out. In its place on the left is a Steelseries logo key, which serves as an Fn key to ac­ti­vate the me­dia con­trol func­tions found on F1 to F6.

“yOuWOn’t FinD any eX­tra util­ity liKe DeD­i­cateD macrO Keys Or BacK­light­ing.”

The 7G doesn’t have much ex­tra util­ity, but each key uses an 18K gold­plated switch for ex­tra dura­bil­ity.

The 7G comes with the largest and most com­fort­able wrist rest out of all of our key­boards.

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