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The TT eS­ports Meka G1 mech­ni­cal key­board is quite sim­i­lar in spec to the Steelseries 7G: both uti­lize Cherry MX Black switches, both of­fer full N-key rollover via PS/2 con­nec­tions, and both are quite lack­ing in other util­ity or ex­tra fea­tures. Specs-wise, a dif­fer­ence be­tween the two is that the Meka G1 lacks the 18K gold­plated switches used on the 7G; it is also $40 cheaper.

The Meka G1 comes in ei­ther matte black or matte white, al­though, for both colors, the keys them­selves re­main black, which some­what spoils the white aes­thetic. Even for a matte fin­ish, the white ver­sion looks a bit drab (TT eS­ports calls it ‘Com­bat White’ which might ex­plain why). Like the Steelseries 7G, the G1 comes with a re­mov­able wrist rest, how­ever, due to its much smaller size, it’s nowhere near as ef­fec­tive or com­fort­able to use. On the plus side, it does take up much less desk space.

The back of the key­board has a small con­nec­tiv­ity hub with two USB passthrough ports as well as headphone and mi­cro­phone ports. For added dura­bil­ity, the G1 also sports a heavy­weight mil­i­tary-grade braided ca­ble that is far thicker than the av­er­age pe­riph­eral ca­ble. Like the 7G, un­der each of the Meka G1’s 104 keys is a Cherry MX Black switch. As ex­pected, the keys have the typ­i­cal smooth, lin­ear and slightly stiff feel as­so­ci­ated with MX Black switches. Like the 7G, the Win­dows key has been re­lo­cated to the right side to pre­vent ac­ci­den­tally tab­bing out of a game. In fact, TT eS­ports goes one step fur­ther and adds a dis­tinc­tive raised cir­cu­lar bump to the Win­dows key to en­sure you don’t hit it by mis­take. A Fn key can be found on the left where the Win­dows key would nor­mally be lo­cated, which al­lows you to use the me­dia con­trol keys found on the F1 – F7 keys.

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The Meka G1 sports an ex­tra thick heavy­weight mil­i­tary-grade braided ca­ble.

The Win­dows key on the Meka G1 has been shifted to the right of the key­board.

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