Which cherry mx switch is right for you?

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Cherry MX switches are by far the most pop­u­lar switches found in me­chan­i­cal key­boards. They come in many dif­fer­ent colors, with each color of­fer­ing a dif­fer­ent feel. The most com­mon are Black, Blue, Brown, and Red. Black – Black switches are best for FPS gamers as they of­fer a smooth, lin­ear feel with the ac­tu­a­tion point at the same spot as the re­set point, per­fect for dou­ble tap­ping. Blue – Blue switches are fa­vored by MMO and RTS gamers, as they of­fer a dis­tinct tac­tile bump half­way down the switch that lets you know when it’s been ac­ti­vated, which can greatly in­crease in­put speed. Brown – Brown switches are some­what sim­i­lar to Blue switches, and also have a tac­tile bump half­way through the switch. Many peo­ple pre­fer them to Blues as they’re slightly lighter, qui­eter and have an ac­tu­a­tion point closer to the re­set point.

Red – Red switches are es­sen­tially lighter ver­sions of Black switches, los­ing the stiff­ness but re­tain­ing the smooth lin­ear feel.

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