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The X20 is an ad­vanced com­pact cam­era from Fu­ji­film. It takes its de­sign cues from the retro rangefind­ers of the past, mak­ing it stand out from the run-of-the-mill com­pacts. Pos­sess­ing a ro­bust and sturdy build, the cam­era felt good in our hands though it’s heav­ier and larger than your stan­dard com­pact.

The Fu­jix­film X20 comes with a few de­sign quirks. For starters, it doesn’t come with a Power but­ton; sim­ply twist the zoom ring to power on the cam­era. The cam­era doesn’t come with a zoom rocker ei­ther, as you can twist and turn the man­ual zoom lens to get closer or fur­ther from your sub­ject. The X20 also makes use of the Fo­cus Peak High­light func­tion dur­ing man­ual fo­cus.

De­spite be­ing slightly larger than some of the other ad­vanced com­pacts, there’s hardly an empty spot on the rear of the cam­era due to the many but­tons and con­trols found there. The X20 sees the RAW but­ton pre­vi­ously found on its pre­de­ces­sor, the X10, re­placed with the Q but­ton, which brings up a se­lec­tion of set­tings when pressed. The rear dis­play re­mains at 2.8 inches with a res­o­lu­tion of 460k-dots.

The X20 comes with an op­ti­cal viewfinder, which is a handy al­ter­na­tive to the rear dis­play. The viewfinder, how­ever, only pro­vides 85% cov­er­age of the lens’ fieldof-view, so you will have to frame your shot ac­cord­ingly as the fi­nal shot will have a slightly wider view.

While the viewfinder is use­ful when the rear dis­play washes out un­der bright sun­light, we found that the lens bar­rel is vis­i­ble at the bot­tom right cor­ner of the frame when shoot­ing at a wider an­gle. While the lens bar­rel is not cap­tured in the shot, this does make fram­ing awk­ward at times. The viewfinder im­age also does not have the com­po­si­tion grid and AF se­lec­tion point over­laid onto it; these only ap­pear on the rear dis­play.

The top of the cam­era is pretty stan­dard with the mode dial, shut­ter re­lease but­ton, hot shoe mount, cus­tom­iz­a­ble Fn but­ton and built-in flash. There is also a ded­i­cated ex­po­sure com­pen­sa­tion dial, which is use­ful in some sit­u­a­tions, though more of­ten than not we for­got to re­set the set­ting and started shoot­ing with the pre­vi­ous set­ting.

Fu­ji­film promised im­proved aut­o­fo­cus speeds with the X20 (the older X10 sported rather slow AF per­for­mance) and we can see that they’ve has largely de­liv­ered on that prom­ise, though AF track­ing still needs a bit more work as the X20 stum­bled a bit dur­ing testing.

The X20 pro­duces im­ages with ex­cel­lent color, and noise re­mains con­trolled up to ISO800 though in a rather ag­gres­sive fash­ion, and also quite ap­par­ent from ISO200 on­wards.

In terms of bat­tery life, the X20 prom­ises 270 shots ac­cord­ing to the CIPA stan­dard, which isn’t high when com­pared to its peers. If you in­tend to spend an en­tire day shoot­ing, we ad­vise bring­ing an ad­di­tional bat­tery.

The X20 is a def­i­nite im­prove­ment over its pre­de­ces­sor, the X10. AF speed has been im­proved and there’s the op­ti­cal viewfinder, which proved use­ful on sunny days.

Build qual­ity is ro­bust and it feels nei­ther cheap nor frag­ile. How­ever, it’s slightly larger than your av­er­age com­pact cam­era, while its noise re­duc­tion soft­ware tends to be ag­gres­sive, oc­ca­sion­ally smudg­ing out de­tail.

In the end, the X20 is a niche cam­era that will ap­peal to those who like its retro style, man­ual zoom and op­ti­cal viewfinder. For the main­stream shut­ter­bug, how­ever, its high ask­ing price may limit its ap­peal due to the many pow­er­ful com­peti­tors that are avail­able.

spec­i­Fi­ca­tiOns im­age sen­sOr 2.3” CMOS // eF­Fec­tiVe piX­els 12 Me­gapix­els // Op­ti­cal ZOOm 4x // isO

sen­si­tiV­ity ISO100- 12800 // aper­ture range F2.0 – F11 // shut­ter speeD 30 sec to 1/4000 sec // FO­cal length 28 - 112 mm (35mm film Equiv­a­lent) // stOr­age me­Dia SD Card /SDHC Card / SDXC // lcD Dis­play 2.8- inch (460k-dot Pix­els) TFT-LCD // Bat­tery Recharge­able lithium ion bat­tery

(NP-50) // Di­men­siOns 117 x 69.6 x 56.8mm // Weight Ap­prox. 353 g (In­clud­ing Bat­tery and Mem­ory Card)

The X20 comes with an op­ti­cal viewfinder, though with only 85% cov­er­age for the lens’ field-of-view.

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