Us­ing the Slid­ers af­ter Au­to­matic

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Now, most of the time click­ing on Auto will pro­duce good re­sults. When it doesn’t, you can man­u­ally tweak the var­i­ous slid­ers to get the re­sults you want. It helps to check the Show Grid op­tion on the bot­tom right to get a sense of how straight your an­gles are. You can also check the Pre­view op­tion on the top right to see the dif­fer­ences be­fore and af­ter.

In our ex­am­ple, while the build­ing in the mid­dle is de­cid­edly straight, the build­ings to ei­ther side are still ta­per­ing. So we use the Ver­ti­cal slider to make them look straighter.

But by do­ing so, the bot­tom edges of the im­age start to get cropped out, so we have to use the Scale slider to en­large the im­age to fill the frame.

Once you get the effect you like, click on OK.

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