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Sennheiser might not re­lease many new head­phone mod­els in a year, but the few that they do roll out tend to be well thought-out. Take the Sennheiser Mo­men­tum for ex­am­ple; th­ese cir­cum­au­ral head­phones scream lux­ury and el­e­gance thanks to its leather head­band and the metal slid­ers.

Match­ing the high­end de­sign of the Mo­men­tum is a cor­re­spond­ingly high com­fort level. The afore­men­tioned leather head­band is bend­able, while the metal slid­ers al­low height ad­just­ment for both the left and right sides. The ear-cups them­selves are clad in soft leather cush­ion­ing. The cir­cum­au­ral fit is gen­tle, and the use of leather, along with a cer­tain amount of swivel for the ear-cups, helps pro­vide a good seal which re­sults in im­pres­sive (pas­sive) noise iso­la­tion.

With re­gards to hard­ware, Sennheiser played their cards quite close to the chest. They de­clined to re­lease the Mo­men­tum’s driver size, cit­ing the need to safe­guard their in­tel­lec­tual prop­erty. How­ever we do know that the Mo­men­tum has an im­pres­sive fre­quency re­sponse of 16 Hz to 22,000 Hz, as well as an im­ped­ance of 18 Ohms. The low im­ped­ance, cou­pled with an in-line three-but­ton con­trol pod and mi­cro­phone point to the fact that the head­phones are in­tended to be used with smart­phones.

Ad­di­tion­ally, the Mo­men­tum­comes with a few small fea­tures which show­case Sennheiser’s at­ten­tion to de­tail. The wires are re­mov­able, which means that the ca­bling can be re­placed. We also loved the fact that the 3.5mm con­nec­tor plug is bend­able; this en­sures the head­phones can be se­curely plugged-in to what­ever source de­vice you choose.

When tested, the Mo­men­tum dis­played deep, ex­tended bass with good def­i­ni­tion. The low notes on tracks such as El­e­ments of Life by Tiesto were con­trolled, and de­liv­ered with both ex­cel­lent pace and tim­ing. We would clas­sify the over­all au­dio from the Mo­men­tum



as per­cus­sive. The cans have a bril­liant sense of rhythm and the stereo sound­stage of the head­phones is also note­wor­thy for its width. Th­ese char­ac­ter­is­tics make the head­phones per­fect for a num­ber of gen­res such as te­cho, house or dance. The down­side of strong mids and bass is that the tre­bles do lose some promi­nence in their mix. Adele’s voice lacked its char­ac­ter­is­tic sparkle on Melt My Heart To Stone. But the strong sense of melody that the cans pos­sess helps to en­sure the other com­po­nents of the com­po­si­tion are beau­ti­fully ren­dered and still present in the mix. The Mo­men­tum is most def­i­nitely bass heavy, but in our opin­ion the low fre­quen­cies do not com­pletely dom­i­nate the au­dio.


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