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If Tony Stark were to de­sign a pair of head­phones, they might just look a lot like the Cre­ative Sound Blaster Evo Zx. The red and black aes­thet­ics seem to be Iron Man-in­spired while the glow­ing center of the head­phones does bring to mind the su­per­hero’s shin­ing core. While look­ing mod­ern and trendy, Cre­ative’s choice of plas­tic doesn’t quite match up to the lux­u­ri­ous feel of the Sennheiser Mo­men­tum’s leather, for ex­am­ple.

The Evo Zx are billed as wire­less head­phones, made pos­si­ble thanks to Blue­tooth. To help re­duce the has­sle of pair­ing your smart de­vice with the cans, the Evo Zx is also com­pat­i­ble with NFC. Cre­ative’s ex­e­cu­tion seems a lit­tle awk­ward, as pair­ing in­volves tap­ping your smart­phone to the right ear-cup.

The Evo Zx comes fit­ted with Cre­ative’s SB-Axx1 au­dio pro­ces­sor. Cou­pled with SBX Pro Stu­dio tech­nolo­gies, the head­phones are packed with a host of fea­tures. Users have ac­cess to the Sound Blaster Evo Con­trol Panel which is avail­able for both the PC and smart de­vice plat­forms. This par­tic­u­lar piece of soft­ware al­lows users to switch be­tween pro­files in­tended to op­ti­mize the au­dio from the Evo Zx for dif­fer­ent use sce­nar­ios. Ad­di­tion­ally users are also given ac­cess to set­tings and EQ lev­els to play around and cus­tom­ize the sound ac­cord­ing to their pref­er­ences.

In terms of au­dio char­ac­ter­is­tics the Evo Zx leans to­wards bassheavy au­dio, much like the Mo­men­tum. But while the Sennheiser head­phones were able to de­liver con­trolled and de­fined low fre­quen­cies, the bass from the Evo Zx didn’t come any­where close. The bass re­sponse was markedly loose, while both tre­bles and highs were sub­dued and lost in the mix. On Melt My Heart To Stone, Adele’s vo­cals sounded slug­gish and failed to con­vey the emo­tion of the song. Fid­dling with the set­tings and EQ lev­els helped bring the lost highs slightly back to the fore, but the over­all tone still falls far short of neu­tral.

You do get three dif­fer­ent pre­set pro­files, which to help


give the Evo Zx a mea­sure of ver­sa­til­ity. In par­tic­u­lar, we were im­pressed by Movie mode which widened the sound­stage, as well as Dia­log Plus which en­hanced voice tracks for the film. The gam­ing pro­file also in­creased the en­joy­ment of ti­tles such as Bat­tle­field 3. It must be said though that in­creas­ing the sur­round sound ef­fect did lessen the ac­cu­racy for sound di­rec­tion­al­ity. As with any cus­tomiza­tion op­tion, it is up to the user to find their per­sonal sweet spot.


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