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Mod­ern sci­ence still doesn’t know what causes ag­ing. Why can an Aldabra Gi­ant Tor­toise live up to 255 years, a hu­man be­ing up to 122 years, and a mayfly up to two days? Not only is ag­ing the num­ber one cause of mor­tal­ity in the world, it’s the com­mon fac­tor for a host of dis­eases, in­clud­ing

de­men­tia, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and can­cer. Some sci­en­tists around the world are be­gin­ning to shift their po­si­tions from see ag­ing as an in­evitable process, to one that can be cured, or at least dra­mat­i­cally slowed down. Far from be­ing a fan­tasy, there are or­gan­isms in the nat­u­ral world which al­ready have neg­li­gi­ble senes­cence – or the lack of

the symp­toms of ag­ing.

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