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Founded in 2007, Roccat is a rel­a­tive new-comer to the gam­ing pe­riph­er­als mar­ket. At present their prod­uct ranges in­clude key­boards, mice and gam­ing head­sets, of which the last cat­e­gory is rep­re­sented by the Kulo gam­ing head­set.

Bar­ring this Roccat gam­ing head­set, all other con­tenders in this shootout come with a cir­cum­au­ral de­sign. The Kulo 7.1 how­ever sports a supra-au­ral wear­ing style. The choice of on-ear de­sign means that the Roccat gam­ing head­set is dwarfed in size when com­pared with the oth­ers. That said, the Kulo’s build qual­ity is ex­cel­lent. The Kulo comes in black, with small blue Roccat sig­nage on the ear-cups and a sliver of sil­ver on the head­band.

The supra-au­ral wear­ing style and a low con­tact pres­sure help the Kulo be very com­fort­able. Since the ear-pads do not cover the lis­tener’s en­tire ears, over-heat­ing af­ter pro­longed us­age re­ally isn’t a prob­lem. The cov­er­ing for the cush­ions is syn­thetic and closely re­sem­bles leather. Ad­di­tion­ally Roccat also pro­vides cush­ions with vel­vet cov­er­ing which can be swapped in (this op­tion is ap­par­ently only avail­able in Europe, mind you). Our main con­cern with re­gard to the fit and com­fort of the head­set was re­lated to the stiff ad­just­ment mech­a­nism that makes it hard to prop­erly set the head­set in place.

Like all the other con­tenders you have the op­tion to plug in the Kulo to your com­puter via USB or 3.5mm jack. There is an in-line con­trol pod pro­vided for con­trol­ling vol­ume, but the stiff slider makes it dif­fi­cult to make minute changes to deci­bel lev­els. There is also a mi­cro­phone for han­dling com­mu­ni­ca­tions while gam­ing. The Kulo also comes with a com­pan­ion soft­ware plat­form that can be used to help the head­set reach its full po­ten­tial. It has a num­ber of cus­tomiza­tion op­tions for 7.1 vir­tual sur­round, though the ex­pe­ri­ence is marred by an un­in­tu­itive user in­ter­face.



The supra-au­ral de­sign of the Kulo helps in terms of com­fort, though has the un­for­tu­nate side ef­fect of be­ing a detri­ment in 7.1 vir­tual sur­round sound for gam­ing. The au­dio from the head­set comes across as con­stricted, and with in­suf­fi­cient space to de­velop. Add to that the lack of as­sis­tance from Dolby tech­nolo­gies (or any­thing of that sort). With the odds stacked against it, the Kulo sim­ply can­not keep up with the pack.


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