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LifeTopix is an in­ter­est­ing ap­pli­ca­tion that pur­ports to be much more than just a to-do list. Think of it as the dig­i­tal equiv­a­lent of a daily plan­ner, the type with five to six dif­fer­ent in­serts; one for your cal­en­dar, an­other for your con­tacts and dif­fer­ent sec­tions sep­a­rated by coloured tabs.

The app is par­tic­u­larly rec­om­mended by fol­low­ers of the cult-sta­tus or­gan­is­ing sys­tem GTD (or Get­ting Things Done), cre­ated by David Allen.

What the app tries to do is give you a top-down view of all the things that need or­gan­is­ing in your life. It does that by sep­a­rat­ing them un­der 12 topics, namely: tasks and projects, shop­ping, events, travel and places, people and ser­vices, health and ac­tiv­ity, fi­nances, home and as­sets, ed­u­ca­tion, notes and files, me­dia, and book­marks. Now that sounds like a lot of work, right? Hav­ing to te­diously en­ter tasks or items into each topic folder. Not at all! What the app does is al­low you to just in­put the var­i­ous things you need to sort out just once and then cat­e­gorise them later. It fol­lows the prin­ci­ples of GTD where you first write down ev­ery­thing that needs do­ing or pre­oc­cu­py­ing your mind into one in­box, and then sort­ing them all out later.

LifeTopix then al­lows you to cross-ref­er­ence items in var­i­ous topics with­out fear of du­pli­ca­tion. One-time en­try, no an­noy­ing copy­ing and past­ing, and you can see them all in one place. The app might likely ap­peal more to people al­ready fol­low­ing the GTD way of do­ing things, but if you are con­tent not to sub­scribe to the GTD phi­los­o­phy, you could just con­sider LifeTopix as a vir­tual por­ta­ble or­gan­iser.

As to its on­line com­po­nent, LifeTopix eas­ily syncs to your Cal­en­dar app, Drop­box and Ever­note. You can also link your Face­book, Pin­ter­est and Twit­ter ac­counts, as well as the Sa­fari browser. One thing that might put off PC users is that LifeTopix only has a desk­top app for Macs. But if you’re con­tent to do all your task-or­gan­i­sa­tion on the iPad and back them up on­line, then LifeTopix will fit the bill.

In­ter­face-wise, the app does feel rather Spar­tan and lacks the pol­ish of say, Ever­note. But the good news is that the app is due for an up­date very soon with LifeTopix 8 al­ready sub­mit­ted to Ap­ple for ap­proval. Ex­pect mi­nor de­sign tweaks and bet­ter con­tact han­dling as well as a raft of other up­dates from de­vel­oper LightAr­row.










De­sign-wise, LifeTopix is due for an over­haul which will hap­pen dur­ing the next up­date.

The one-time en­try, easy cat­a­loging makes LifeTopix stand out.

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