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So you’re the type who makes a lot of lists but find it hard to ac­tu­ally get started or fo­cused on some­thing? Then per­haps you need the mo­ti­va­tion of a clock tick­ing – en­ter 30/30, a timed app that makes you list down what you need to get done and then starts a count­down.

What you get: a nice big screen with a vir­tual timer that will mark how much time you have left to do some­thing. You start off first with adding all the tasks that need do­ing to a list. Us­ing touch ges­tures, you can deftly add tasks un­til you have your list sorted.

You can also as­sign a time to each task from one minute to up to 180 min­utes (three hours). Af­ter each task is elim­i­nated, the clock will then chime which is your cue to then move on to the next task. Ei­ther swipe away the fin­ished task or you can just re­order the tasks with a hold and drag. Sud­den in­ter­rup­tions? Touch the clock to pause.

Think of 30/30 as a to-do list with an additional mo­ti­va­tion kick. For people who like the Po­modoro tech­nique, which forces you to be in the zone and work to the end of a timer, 30/30 is pretty use­ful. While you can down­load it for the pretty price of free, you can also pur­chase a va­ri­ety of icons just so you can some­what al­le­vi­ate the te­dium of adding tasks by cus­tomiza­tion. But you don’t have to pay ex­tra for added fea­tures be­cause, well there aren’t re­ally any to speak of.

It does in­clude amus­ing ges­tures such as shak­ing your iDe­vice to undo an ac­tion and sync­ing to iCloud, but apart from that the app is pretty bare­bones and no-frills. I am still try­ing to un­der­stand who would pay US$4.99 for the full set of icon packs or $0.99 per icon pack.

Like Un­stuck, 30/30 is a sit­u­a­tional app that works fine on the oc­ca­sions when you need it, like timed dead­lines. But the lack of sound cus­tomiza­tions, like amus­ing voicepacks, is a sore point with the app. If you work bet­ter with time con­straints or need more struc­ture in your life, then maybe take 30/30 for a spin to give you that added kick in the rear.

30/30 is easy enough to use but whether it has the abil­ity to keep you us­ing it for the long-term might be an­other. If you end up get­ting used to block­ing out the alarm, then 30/30’s chimes will lose their charm over time.







Bi­nary Ham­mer


Free (with in-app pur­chases)

Hav­ing a timer to mo­ti­vate you to fin­ish your tasks is both ge­nius and a pain.

Adding, re­mov­ing and edit­ing tasks is a breeze with sim­ple swipe ges­tures.

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