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3D print­ing has al­ready be­gun to trans­form sev­eral in­dus­tries. The health and med­i­cal field has made sev­eral break­throughs thanks to 3D print­ers, which have been used to cre­ate hear­ing aids, cus­tom leg braces and even a ti­ta­nium jaw at a frac­tion of the cost of a tra­di­tion­ally man­u­fac­tured equiv­a­lent. NASA is also in­ter­ested in us­ing 3D print­ers in space, to let as­tro­nauts print what­ever they re­quire, cut­ting down on the amount of sup­plies and equip­ment re­quired on the ini­tial launch. Per­haps the most in­trigu­ing de­vel­op­ment is in the area of 3D-printed food. Mod­ern Meadow, an Amer­i­can startup is re­search­ing how to print a steak. The process in­volves an­i­mal cells be­ing grown in a cell cul­ture me­dia, which is then com­bined and printed out as mus­cle and fat, and can then be ma­tured and con­di­tioned into a fa­mil­iar and tasty meat prod­uct.


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