2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

HWM (Singapore) - - Test - by AaronYip

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is your reg­u­lar videogame tie-in to one of the big­gest shows of sport­man­ship that comes by ev­ery four years and a spin off from the reg­u­lar FIFA se­ries from EA. How­ever, be­ing only avail­able on past­gen con­soles, it is stuck to the older Im­pact En­gine. If you’ve played FIFA 14 on a PlayS­ta­tion 4 (or Xbox One for the lucky few of you), you’ll no­tice a step back in terms of cos­met­ics and AI.

Game­play-wise, you’ll be help­ing fuel the (pipe) dreams of your fa­vorite coun­try with over 200 na­tions avail­able in the ros­ter. Take “Road to the FIFA World Cup” for a spin and force your na­tional col­ors into the qual­i­fi­ca­tion rounds of the World Cup and onto the fi­nals. Con­trols are some­thing you can pick up and go with even­tu­ally and af­ter a few bits of fal­ter­ing, you’ll be knee-deep in the World Cup spirit.

As a tie-in, you’ll get exclusive con­tent such as be­ing able to play to faith­ful recre­ations of the 12 sta­di­ums of World Cup Brazil, along with all the fans, both in and out of the sta­dium watch­ing from big screens, and the man­agers of the qual­i­fy­ing teams, who the game will cut to for added ef­fect in case you want to look at your ador­ing fans and the an­gry man­agers in de­feat.

There are other modes such as “Cap­tain Your Coun­try”, where you start off as a runt in the league, be it a player-cus­tom­ized no­body or an ex­ist­ing soc­cer player, and try to rise the ranks of the team and make cap­tain, even­tu­ally sweep­ing up the glory for team and coun­try in the World Cup fi­nals.

On­line mul­ti­player takes on the form of “On­line World Cup”, where you prove your skills against real play­ers and “Road to Rio De Janerio”, where you beat op­pos­ing teams to ad­vance through all 12 sta­di­ums in Brazil.

As some­one with very lit­tle ex­pe­ri­ence play­ing foot­ball (I would rather sit in the side­lines and man­age a vir­tual team like any good real-time strate­gist), I can still safely say that FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 is ac­ces­si­ble and en­gag­ing enough for any­one who wants to ex­pe­ri­ence the spec­ta­cle that is the World Cup. Be warned though, be­tween the splashes of gold and green, you’re also sub­jected to and in­ces­sant loop­ing of Pit­full’s “We Are One”.

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