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Apart from in­creas­ing an en­gine’s power out­put, tur­bocharg­ers and su­per­charg­ers are some­times also de­sired for the sounds they make. A tur­bocharger setup usu­ally in­cludes a blowoff valve, which pro­tects the turbo against com­pres­sor surge, and this cre­ates a dis­tinc­tive high-pitched hissing noise. Some turbo set­ups also have a waste­gate, which di­verts away ex­cess gas. At full throt­tle, the waste­gate cre­ates a loud whoosh­ing sound that some driv­ers like. On the other hand, su­per­charg­ers are known for their high-pitched whine, which is cre­ated by the mesh­ing lobes com­press­ing air into smaller and smaller spa­ces.

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