Log­itech G502 Pro­teus Core

HWM (Singapore) - - Test - by James Lu

Will you ever need a 12,000 DPI set­ting? Prob­a­bly not. Af­ter a cer­tain point – around 8,000 – high DPI just be­comes un­wieldy, but it’s nice to have the op­tion to set it that high. That seems to be Log­itech’s de­sign phi­los­o­phy for the G502. With DPI set­tings as low as 200, or as high as 12000, as well as an ad­justable weight sys­tem and a sur­face cal­i­bra­tion tool, there’s more cus­tomiza­tion here than any­one would ever need, but the abil­ity to fine tune your mouse to such a de­gree is cer­tainly most wel­come.

Un­like some of the gim­micky thumb­pad and grip swap­ping cus­tom­iz­a­ble mice we’ve seen in the past, the G502 has only one shape, but it’s a com­fort­able one, with an er­gonomic right-handed, low-pro­file de­sign that will per­fectly suit claw grip gamers, as well as most palm grip­pers (ex­cept maybe those with very large hands). The mouse looks amaz­ing, with an an­gu­lar aes­thetic and a pre­dom­i­nantly matte black fin­ish, ac­cented by a few glossy black pan­els. A streak of Log­itech blue at the bot­tom of the thumb rest adds a nice fin­ish­ing touch. Both the thumb rest and the grip for the two out­er­most fin­gers are rub­ber­ized and tex­tured, pro­vid­ing both sta­bil­ity and a pleas­ant tac­tile sen­sa­tion. By de­fault, the mouse weighs 121g, but the un­der­side has a mag­netic door that hides cham­bers where you can add up to five 3.6 weights. Not only can you se­lect how much weight to add, but where to add it, pro­vid­ing very pre­cise con­trol over the feel and bal­ance of the mouse, e.g. adding weight to the cen­ter is very dif­fer­ent from adding it to the rear.

With 11 pro­gram­mable but­tons, the G502 has plenty of key-map­ping op­tions, in­clud­ing left click, right click, three-way scroll wheel click, two DPI sen­si­tiv­ity but­tons, one but­ton be­low the scroll wheel and three thumb but­tons. The G502 can

store three profiles in­ter­nally, or with Log­itech’s soft­ware, an un­lim­ited num­ber on your com­puter. There’s also a non-pro­gram­mable but­ton be­neath the scroll wheel that changes the wheel’s fric­tion from a firm, ratch­eted scroll, more suited to gam­ing, to a free-spin­ning one that is handy for web brows­ing.

But­tons on the G502 are ar­ranged in a smart and in­tu­itive lay­out. The thumb but­tons are large and dis­tinc­tive, and the in­clu­sion of a third thumb but­ton feels nat­u­ral and easy to use - con­trary to our ex­pec­ta­tions, it doesn’t cramp up the thumb area at all. The DPI but­tons, lo­cated next to the left click but­ton, are both re­mote enough to stay out of the way and large enough to press eas­ily with­out look­ing. Both left and right click have large click­able sur­faces, with equal re­sis­tance through­out.

One of the in­ter­est­ing new fea­tures on the G502 is its sur­face cal­i­bra­tion tool. This re­quires Log­itech’s Gam­ing Soft­ware to be in­stalled on the PC, and uses the mouse’s sen­sor to scan the sur­face, au­to­mat­i­cally cal­i­brat­ing the sen­sor for op­ti­mal use on that sur­face. It sounds gim­micky, but we were pleas­antly sur­prised by how well it works. We tested the mouse first on a high-end gam­ing mouse mat, then on a sheet of white paper and fi­nally on a hard­wood desk and, af­ter run­ning the cal­i­bra­tion scan, all three sur­faces per­formed equally well.

In our test­ing, we found the G502 to be ac­cu­rate, re­spon­sive and pre­cise, and the large, sen­si­bly spaced but­tons make it ideal for al­most any game genre. We didn’t en­counter any prob­lems with lift and it’s com­pletely free of any jit­ters, smooth­ing, ac­cel­er­a­tion, pre­dic­tion or an­gle snap­ping.

Over­all, the G502 is a ver­sa­tile and highly cus­tom­iz­a­ble gam­ing mouse that can eas­ily jump from hard­core FPS gam­ing one minute to ca­sual web brows­ing the next. Even if you’re not in­ter­ested in fine-tun­ing it to per­fectly match your re­quire­ments, it’s fan­tas­tic right out of the box, and boasts one of the best sen­sors we’ve ever tested.

11 pro­gram­mable con­trols: Set up one-but­ton trig­gers, put push-to-talk in eas­ier reach, tem­po­rar­ily down-shift DPI for snip­ing.

A mag­netic door on the un­der­side hides cham­bers that lets you add up to five 3.6g weights.

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