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Here’s one way to lit­er­ally work out smarter. The OM Shirt by OMsig­nal fea­tures health sen­sors em­bed­ded into the fab­ric that mea­sure your ac­tiv­ity, phys­i­o­log­i­cal stress, and fit­ness lev­els via your breath­ing and heart rate. Which­ever style you choose - un­der-shirt, sleeve­less shirt, ca­sual T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt, all the magic works through a lit­tle black box that gath­ers the in­for­ma­tion from the shirt and sends it to the OMsig­nal app on your phone. The OM Shirt works in your ev­ery­day life too, track­ing your time spend ac­tive or at rest. For ex­am­ple, it can send re­minders to breathe deep when it de­tects that your breath­ing is shal­low and can gen­er­ate a Per­sonal An­a­lyt­ics Re­port that is sent to you via email.


In the past five years, no piece of tech­nol­ogy has at­tracted as much in­ter­est, con­tro­versy, and spec­u­la­tion as Google Glass. Glass is es­sen­tially a pair of spec­ta­cles with a com­puter and a heads up dis­play built in. It has a mi­cro­phone for voice recog­ni­tion and it touches the bones be­hind your ear, al­low­ing you to hear sound through vi­bra­tions. Through a Blue­tooth con­nec­tion with your smart­phone, you can call peo­ple with­out ever tak­ing your phone out of your pocket; you can even make video calls. A built-in cam­era lets you record what­ever you’re look­ing at as a pic­ture or video, and share it straight away. If you ever need to re­search some­thing, you can ask Google or open web­sites and browse the in­ter­net di­rectly, all just by us­ing your voice.


This next gen­er­a­tion tote, known as the iBag ( no as­so­ci­a­tion to Ap­ple), is “de­signed to phys­i­cally de­ter shoppers from ac­cess­ing their credit cards when they’re at their most vul­ner­a­ble”, ac­cord­ing to its cre­ators, Aus­tralia-based web­site cred­it­cardfinder.com.au. The bag uses var­i­ous sen­sors to help con­trol your spend­ing, in­clud­ing an RFID sys­tem that knows when you take out your wal­let, a GPS chip to know where you are, and a GSM mod­ule to text you when you en­ter a place you de­ter­mine as a ‘dan­ger spend­ing zone’. You can even pro­gram it to lock it­self at cer­tain times of the day. It is set to re­tail for AUD$199, an ex­treme op­tion for those who have ex­hausted ev­ery sin­gle bud­get­ing app out there.


With the un­bundling of the Nike+ sen­sor from its shoes, you can now get the Nike+ iPod sen­sor separately and slip it into any Nike+ com­pat­i­ble shoe. Nike+ sen­sors mea­sure a wide range of data, from move­ment type ( from walk­ing to jog­ging), di­rec­tion, speed, jump height, bal­ance and sta­bil­ity and ex­er­tion, so it’s easy to get real per­for­mance track­ing of your progress. You can mon­i­tor your growth us­ing the app and even join chal­lenges, map your runs and con­nect with your other Nike+ friends. The info is synced wire­lessly to your de­vice for real-time feed­back while you train, so don’t worry about tak­ing it out of your shoes.


Smart watches might be the hottest gad­gets right now, but the truth is, many of them do not have com­pelling or use­ful stand­alone func­tions. For a truly in­tel­li­gent watch that boasts of nu­mer­ous stand­alone func­tions, look no fur­ther than Ca­sio’s new Rangeman watch. As part of the G-Shock fam­ily, the Rangeman is tough, highly shock re­sis­tant and also wa­ter re­sis­tant to 200 me­ters. Be­yond that, the Rangeman also fea­tures Ca­sio’s new Shock Re­sis­tant Triple Sen­sor, which is ca­pa­ble mea­sur­ing your alti­tude as well as pro­vid­ing baro­met­ric, tem­per­a­ture and com­pass read­ings. On top of that, the Rangeman also has Ca­sio’s Multi-Band 6 tech­nol­ogy, which al­lows it to re­ceive ra­dio sig­nals from atomic time­keep­ing sta­tions around the world, en­sur­ing that you al­ways have the cor­rect time. Other no­table func­tions in­clude chrono­graph, world-time and alarm. Fi­nally, the Rangeman can also be charged us­ing so­lar power. This is prob­a­bly the last watch you will ever need.


Rings that no­tify you of smart­phone alerts? That’s so passé. Cre­ated by Log­bar, the Ring is a full- on Blue­tooth con­trol de­vice with mo­tion sen­sors that al­low its wear­ers to con­trol lit­er­ally any de­vice. By in­cor­po­rat­ing elec­tron­ics that rec­og­nizes ul­tra-small fin­ger move­ments, you can use the Ring to do amaz­ing things by draw­ing let­ters and shapes in the air such as writ­ing a text mes­sages, start an app ( e.g., draw a mu­sic note for your mu­sic player) and con­trol ap­pli­ances ( e.g., draw a lamp to switch on the lights). Ad­vanced func­tions in­clude quick mo­bile pay­ments us­ing GPS or Ap­ple’s iBea­cons. Ex­pect­edly, the Ring pairs with your smart­phone, and has built-in LEDs and a vi­bra­tion mo­tor to give you the usual no­ti­fi­ca­tion alerts. The Ring’s Kick­starter cam­paign was a re­sound­ing suc­cess, and is pro­jected to ship to back­ers in July.


Still king of the hill, the GoPro Hero 3+ Black is the ac­tion cam­era you want. It’s small and light so you will barely no­tice it’s there. And when it comes to strap­ping it on, the GoPro Hero 3+ Black comes with a ridicu­lous num­ber of straps and mounts ( in­clud­ing third-party ac­ces­sories) like chest har­nesses and hel­met mounts. It shoots 4K video ( at a lower 15 frames per sec­ond), or up to 2.7K at 30fps. Image qual­ity is top notch and you even get pretty good au­dio-record­ing qual­ity. The GoPro mo­bile app lets you use your smart­phone or tablet as a re­mote con­trol, live pre­views and so­cial net­work shar­ing.

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